What’s going on with Jeune Femme?

Good question. The short of it is that she’s still around, waiting to be interviewed and featured in these online pages.

She’s the young lady at Marshall’s whose passion is creating masterful drawings and paintings as a self-taught artist. She’s the happy wife and mother whose decor business is poised to take off any day now. She’s the singer and songwriter who, a few years ago, was also a photography protégé and who currently also dabbles in drawing and lettering. She’s the model-turned-photographer-turned-model-again who jet sets to beautiful destinations and documents her travels and daily indulgences. She’s a photographer who could be collaborating with a team of others to produce photo shoots currently in the Martin Picturesque Photo pipeline.

Of course, part of the question is best answered by you, dear readers. You might be Jeune Femme, and if you are, we want to help you tell your story on these pages. If you know Jeune Femme, you can tell us about her and prompt us to feature her by contacting us. No obligation. Just keep in mind that we have a very short list of individuals whose stories we plan to share in the coming weeks. We’re also redesigning our website and paying bills and scheduling photo shoots and paying more bills and… You get it. Your help goes a long way in identifying those young women whose stories will uplift and inspire a generation (or two). We invite and encourage your support in bringing them to the forefront.

In the meantime, please stay tuned to these pages. We’ve already begun scouring for and writing stories from our short list, and we look forward to others our interviewees will refer to us. So begins (again) our movement to call deserved attention to the women impacting the worlds of art and business as a means of spreading their enthusiasm, passion and drive to others. Whom will you help inspire today? Contact us to tell us.