Su Z sweeps Philly’s vocal scene with newly released debut album

If you’ve been looking for the next big thing in pop and R&B music, we know where – and who – she is. She’s Su Z, a singer-songwriter discovered and heavily promoted by Sandbox Music Group. Sandbox began helping Su Z unleash her vocal and writing talents after hearing her perform at Sawtown Tavern in Philadelphia’s Tacony section. Even after a busy summer last year with music shows, house concerts and a huge Christmas extravaganza, she has just released her debut album, entitled “sixteen …” and you can shop for it here.

We first heard her belt out Christmas tunes at her former high school in North Philadelphia in 2016. Last summer, on encouragement from a friend who told us about a house concert in Willow Grove, we showed up and found out she was on the performance itinerary there, too. We have since joined her family at another house concert last August and witnessed her emcee Open Mic Night at Sawtown Tavern, something she’s doing on the regular these days. Though we missed her Christmas show performance, “Enabling Peace on Earth”, we’ve seen the pictures (great job, Jeff Constantini) and have heard from others of the powerful experience it turned out to be. (This post’s featured photo of Su Z is by Jeff, courtesy of Su Z’s Facebook page.) She’s also been featured several times in Northeast Times, and she doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Here’s what we recommend: Keep your eye on this one. Sure, she’s got powerful vocals and strong music writing skills. She’s also interested in photography and has demonstrated her visual artistic skills in other ways. She has a lot going on, and we’re talking with Sandbox and her family to schedule a full interview with this talented yet down-to-earth rising star. (Is there a bit of irony in there?) Don’t take our word for it; check out her website at and follow links to her social media sites from there so you can get in on the ground floor of a celebrity in the making. Watch our site for a more coverage and a near-future interview with Su Z and her team over at Sandbox. Comment below and let us know of others you think we should be featuring on our pages. Looking forward to hearing from you.