Seeking creatives for portfolio collaborations

Good news. We’re actively looking for creatives – visual artists, photographers, models, designers, stylists – for some photo shoot ideas we wish to pour into parent company Martin Picturesque’s portfolio. In the coming weeks, we’ll be reaching out to ones we know and welcoming any new acquaintances to join our efforts to produce these shoots. Like most grassroots efforts, these shoots will largely be about getting together with other artists, brainstorming, sharing feedback and producing results that everyone can use in their respective bodies of work. Even so, there may be a few paid opportunities, especially for aspiring and experienced models who sit through hours of experimental styling and shooting. We also look forward to these collaborations as opportunities to publish frequent updates to this blog, ending the long periods of inactivity and inattention. Take a trip to our Contact page if you or someone you know is ideal for this artistic movement. Thanks for reading in the meantime.