Delilah & Company turns three

Generally, when you ask people, “What’s new?” you get the usual “Not much. The usual. Same old, same old.” Three years ago, had you asked Delilah Dee, the heart and soul of Delilah and Company, you’d have heard, “We just launched our first teaser trailer for our new web series.” Yesterday, the company celebrated the third anniversary of that launch for what was “supposed to be just a web series” and has actually grown into a full-bore digital content and events agency. On its official Instagram feed, the company thanks “everyone that has been supporting us since the beginning an al those that have jumped on along the way.” And there’s a hint that there’s more in store for faithful followers, readers, and viewers. Happy Birthday, Delilah and Company. We can hardly wait to see what you do next.

Delilah & Company “is designed to serve as a platform for those out there that may feel like they don’t have anyone by their side. For those out there that want better for themselves but just need that extra push to help get them there. We are here for you! Continue to get the much needed, soul-moving entertainment here.
Follow Delilah as she works on building her brand to leave her mark in the industry all while sharing words of advice from some of your favorite celebrities (& company). It is her vision to have you gain some sort of value from all posts being shared. Hopefully the content will be useful enough to inspire you to follow your own dream, whatever that may be!