About Jeune Femme

Finally, an online source that recognizes and celebrates talented and entrepreneurial young women. A place to celebrate the boldness and creativity of the modern woman. And a voice to promote the independence and self-esteem of local young women with passions, dreams, and clearly defined goals. Jeune Femme highlights young adults with vision, purpose, and flair for life and adventure. Each week we interview a broad spectrum of such young people whose stories serve to promote their ongoing projects and life plans while inspiring others.

About Jeune Fille

Meet the remarkably accomplished and driven teens who, like their slightly older counterparts, thrive on action, purpose, and achievements. Jeune Fille introduces the teen set to readers as a means of encouraging today’s youth to set and achieve goals as early in life as possible. You’re never too young to have the life of which you dream, even while still “being a kid.” Jeune Fille flies in the face of the myth that young life is either fun and fancy-free or disciplined and structured by highlighting young people who’ve struck a balance and found a way to benefit from it all.

About Martin Picturesque

Martin Picturesque, a Philadelphia-based marketing communications and financial services company, is focused on helping young people, entrepreneurs, and women identify and explore their unique gifts by exposing them to opportunities to set and reach their goals and by coaching them to reach their full potential. Since its 1997 inception, Martin Picturesque has sponsored numerous community, youth, and small business programs aimed at promoting success and developing local talent.